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Satellite No. 3 - Assistance from Higher Powers
ABC's Peter Jennings Special Report Calls for Disclosure of UFO Info
Inside the ABC News UFO Documentary Hoax
Does science make room for aliens?
An Enormous Amount of UFO Sightings Before Tsunami
UFO Sightings over Iranian nuclear installations
Unprecedented Mexican UFO Revelation
Planetary System Similar to Ours Is Found

The Planets:
Stunning lake pictured in Martian crater
Living On Mars
Meteorite on Mars - What's Wrong with this Picture?
Latest Breakthrough - Proof of Water on Mars
Fascinating Information About Mars
Life on Mars
Odyssey Thermal Data Reveals a Changing Mars
Mars Photos Hint at Artificiality and Intelligence

Stunning lake pictured in Martian crater
06 August 2005
New Scientist

If humans ever make it to Mars, here's a prime piece of real estate for a base - an alluring patch of water ice on the floor of a crater near the Martian north pole.

The frozen "lake" was captured by a high-resolution camera on board the European Space Agency's Mars Express spacecraft, which is orbiting the Red Planet.
The ice rises 200 metres above the floor of an impact crater located on Vastitas Borealis, a broad plain that covers much of the planet's far northern latitudes. The unnamed crater is 35 kilometres wide and has a maximum depth of 2 kilometres below its rim.

ESA scientists have ruled out a lake of frozen carbon dioxide, since CO2 had already disappeared from the north polar cap by the time the image was taken in northern Mars's late summer.

Fortunately for any future Mars explorers, the water ice is present all year round. Atmospheric pressure and temperature around the icy patch are such that the ice cannot either melt into liquid water or sublimate directly into water vapour.

Faint traces of water ice can also be seen along the rim of the crater and on its walls. There is no ice along the north-west rim and walls: this might be because Mars's orientation to the sun means that this area is warmed by sunlight more than the rest of the crater.

From issue 2511 of New Scientist magazine, 06 August 2005, page 4

LIVING ON MARS - September 2005

Associated Press

I think it's very sad that we want to mess up and destroy beautiful planet Earth and then think about doing the same to another Planet, this time Mars. See this news story below:

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts -- All companies set goals, but newly formed 4Frontiers is eyeing some expansive horizons. The company's mission: to open a small human settlement on Mars within 20 years or so.

First, they contend, humankind needs a new frontier to explore, with all the intellectual and engineering challenges that homesteading Mars would present.

Also, who knows the fate of our humble Earth? Will we meet an early end at the hands of an asteroid, warfare, disease or some other catastrophe?

The 1967 Outer Space Treaty declared that the "exploration and use" of outer space and celestial bodies "shall be carried out for the benefit and in the interest of all countries." While that's not exactly the traditional language of private enterprise, some space scholars say it leaves room for commercial projects.

(A 1979 Moon Treaty was more explicit, holding that bodies in the solar system should not become the property of any nation, organization or person. But most countries, including the United States, China and Russia, never ratified it.)

Considering all the possible complications, Mackenzie says 4Frontiers' real success might come simply from getting the public pumped about living on Mars. In turn, that could make Washington eager to fund a settlement.

Even if that doesn't happen, he is sure that people eventually will live on Mars -- and perhaps scores of other places in space.

"It's a question of when," he says. "I really hope we get started before we have an economic decline that delays it. I'd really hate to have something like the Great Depression, or the Dark Ages that lasted several hundred years, delay getting into space."

For information about life on Mars, please visit The Aetherius Society's website at

Satellite No. 3 - Assistance from Higher Powers

If I was to tell you that there is a giant Satellite, 1550 miles above our Earth manned by advanced Cosmic masters from beyond our Earth, whose sole purpose is to help humanity, how would you feel? Intrigued? Incredulous? Well, this Satellite does exist and has been in our skies for over fifty years on its compassionate mission, invisible to radar.

No important advance in history ever occurred without being surrounded by controversy. The nature of mankind is that we do not like to change; we resist this by hitting out at anyone who presents us with the opportunity to change, despite the fact that it may benefit us. I ask you to take a “leap of faith”, a step forward, in faith and with an open mind. All I ask is that you accept that it may be true and then try and find out for yourself in a way that I will tell you later.

Many people believe, as I always have, that we are not alone in the universe. I think most thinking people now accept this fact. Some also believe that we have been - and are being - visited by other more advanced races from other planets, some even within our solar system. At this point you may throw up your hands in horror. How can that be! We have sent spacecraft to several of the planets, where there is no evidence of life. Of course mankind always expects that life is exactly like we are, needing the conditions that we need to survive.

I believe that life exists on some of the other planets in a highly advanced spiritual form, similar to the form we take when we pass on and continue to exist on the subtle planes. Our track record on this earth is not too impressive and it has always seemed obvious to me that we are not the pinnacle of evolution as some people still seem to think.

I have studied the subject and am convinced that extraterrestrial visitors have been here and are here now to help us. My spiritual master, Dr. George King taught this also. In fact, this was one reason I studied with him for so many years - because everything he said was in keeping with my own previous beliefs and research - and yet he even went much further. Apart from his mediumship of The Twelve Blessings he also received over six hundred messages from many other highly elevated and advanced beings from beyond this world.
One piece of information he received was that a giant spacecraft, invisible to radar, was visiting this planet for certain periods each year to help mankind. These spiritually advanced beings who have watched over us for centuries and who cooperate with The Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth , are also technologically far superior to us. Their spacecraft, called Satellite No. 3, has the task of enhancing all spiritual activities taking place anywhere on Earth at any time by an exact factor of three thousand times.

Since the fifties, for several periods each year this massive spacecraft comes into orbit of our earth, 1550 miles above the surface. On board is a fantastic array of radionic instruments, manned by these spiritually evolved Masters. This advanced spacecraft is able to beam uplifting spiritual energy to anyone who is engaged in some type of spiritual act, whether directly helping another or working to improve themselves spiritually. It makes no difference what race or religion they may be. The energy goes to Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists, Jews, people of all religions, and even to atheists if they are working for the common good. During this period the karmic effects of each spiritual action are enhanced three thousand times, thereby speeding the evolution of both the individual and mankind as a whole.

Higher powers have always been there for us, despite mankind's disregard for them and they will be into the distant future.

Sounds incredible? Yes. Sounds impossible? Not really. I always used to imagine myself as an advanced being who could fly and visit other planets and come back here. When I returned in my imagination I would always feel very sad at the beauty of the planet contrasted by the ignorance of mankind as a whole. As a young person I could not comprehend that we would actually be killing each other, for from my position in space I just saw us as one race of people, all with the same hopes, fears, dreams and problems. All learning, all growing, all striving in different ways, all with good hearts, though some covered up through lives of hatred and suffering. What a sad time I had, until I managed to put on my Superwoman's suit and beam down my love energy to all the suffering people and make them into the shining, joyful, beautiful beings they really were.

A childhood fantasy, maybe, but when I first heard of Satellite No. 3 it made so much sense to me. It seemed obvious that this was the very thing that a technologically and spiritually superior race of people would do. Not only that but I found that when I did my spiritual practices during the periods of time when Satellite No. 3 was in orbit I felt these were definitely enhanced.

Let me give you an example of the magic of Satellite No. 3. I am English and spent some years promoting spirituality in England. In doing this, I was interviewed on many radio programs and had a regular weekly slot at a radio station near Brighton in the South of England, which took place in the late evening. One evening I decided to talk about Satellite No. 3 to the listeners. I asked them all to stop what they were doing and raise their hands to send out spiritual energy through prayer, in cooperation with Satellite No. 3. It was an extremely powerful few minutes but as this was not a call-in program I did not have any feedback from the listeners at the time.

The interviewer felt quite bowled over by the power and expressed this over the airwaves. The next day he called me excitedly, telling me that there had been a tremendous response. People had been calling in saying they had had all sorts of wonderful experiences. They had seen light and felt love. They had felt uplifted and felt healing power flowing through them. One lady, who had not had the courage to leave her house for years, was able to go outside for the first time. Another gentleman was healed of a longstanding health problem. The calls continued all week and hit the front page of the local newspaper.

It is very difficult to receive proof of spiritual and metaphysical things, as they are beyond the physical realm with which science deals. However, this offered proof of another kind. Proof of the best kind - results! Unfortunately, as is too often the case in our world, the controversy that was aroused sparked the heavy hand of conservatism, so that the interviewer eventually lost his job and the program, which had been delightfully open-minded and broad, was closed down. Nevertheless, truth never goes away, despite mankind's limitations or ignorance.

The dates of the orbit of Satellite No. 3, referred to as Spiritual Pushes, were given through Dr. King as follows:

April 18 - May 23
July 5 - August 5
September 3 - October 9
November 4 - December 10

Satellite No. 3 enters and leaves Earth's orbit, at exactly 12:00 midnight Greenwich Mean Time. The entire period of each of these Spiritual Pushes is extremely potent for all spiritual practices and selfless actions. The first and last hours of the orbit of this Satellite are particularly powerful; you can experience this for yourself by tuning in and performing your spiritual practices at this time. (Note: Convert the above GMT time to your local time.)

I don't ask you to believe me, but try it for yourselves. Allow your minds to soar above the limitations of earth; tune into this giant spacecraft and its wonderful source of spiritual energy, and you may be surprised at the difference this makes to your practices. We have been told that the energy used by Satellite No. 3 comes directly from the Sun. The Sun, as has been known to metaphysicians and Eastern Masters for centuries, is the source for all prana or spiritual energy on Earth. Satellite No. 3 magnifies this energy in a safe and highly effective manner and directs it to those working for the greater good on Earth. For more information, please visit

©2005 Chrissie Blaze

ABC's Peter Jennings Special Report Calls for Disclosure of UFO Info

Why does ABC News continue to test government patience by featuring hard hitting web pages on the UFO phenomenon?

In Watergate - like fashion, ABC News continues to devote several web pages to the UFO phenomenon stemming from its two hour special Seeing Is Believing hosted by Peter Jennings. In highlighting one group's call for government Disclosure about UFOs, ABC News could be perceived as launching Watergate-like pressure to assail US government silence and strident secrecy policies regarding its role in hiding massive archived documentation about UFOs.

This move is clearly not in line with how CBC, CBS, CNN, FOX and NBC display their disregard for the UFO issue.

FAA official's and Air Force pilot testimony as well as mass sightings over Phoenix are just a few of the major events that could cause political leaders serious humiliation if they continue to fane ignorance about such notable events.

It appears ABC News remains curiously committed to grasp at ongoing attention with the UFO issue. If ABC investigators publicly pose questions to the Pentagon and the White House, it could prove to have highly dramatic geo-political implications. The question remains: will Peter Jennings and the producers at ABC News have the political courage to make a UFO event a lead news item on WORLD NEWS TONIGHT with their star news anchorman? If they do this issue will not go away.

Article 1
Article 2

By Steven M. Greer MD, Director, The Disclosure Project March 2005

Of course, the title of the show was "Peter Jennings Reporting"" see – if only that were so. This is the story of how, once again, the corrupt Big Media has defrauded the American people, from one who had a front row seat to the spectacle.

In the summer of 2004, as founder and director of The Disclosure Project ( I was approached by Jennings Productions producer Jordan Kronick. He explained how ABC News was going to make history by doing a serious expose of the UFO matter – for the first time on network news.

Initially skeptical – we have seen and heard this song and dance before – I agreed to meet with Kronick at our offices in Washington DC. Over the course of several hours, we discussed the subject and how The Disclosure Project had identified several hundred top secret military and government witnesses to UFO events and projects.

Kronick expressed great interest and repeatedly stated that this is exactly what Jennings, chief producer Mark Obenhaus and he were looking for. I offered to provide, pro bono, ALL Disclosure Project digital videotape interviews and full access to ALL Disclosure Project witnesses willing to cooperate with ABC News – including those witnesses not yet taped by us.

The reader at this point needs to know that these are not fuzzy, blacked-out deep throats anonymously telling stories of the night. These are hundreds of military, government and corporate insiders who have been identified by us over the past 14 years. They range from Generals, to Astronauts, to senior FAA officials who were privy to events, projects and cover-ups involving UFOs. Additionally, we have thousands of pages of uncontested official government smoking gun documents and physical evidence, photos, videos, landing trace events and other unambiguous proof.

The ABC News production team claimed to want exactly this type of evidence – and especially the high-level government and military insider whistle-blowers who could credibly blow the lid off of decades of secrecy.

As a two-hour news special, ABC claimed that they could, at long last, give the subject the focus and rigor needed to achieve this objective.

But as discussions continued, it became more and more clear that Obenhaus and Jennings really wanted to do a human interest story – including anecdotal civilian witnesses, man-in-the-street interviews and the general silly season and carnival atmosphere surrounding most things ufological.

We agreed to cooperate with the filming of a CSETI (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) research expedition to Mt. Shasta in August of 2004, at which time we were able to have discussions with Obenhaus, the senior producer in charge of the project.

We were incredulous as Obenhaus revealed to us that he was sure the matter was not really being kept secret but had just fallen through the cracks" due to lack of follow through, laziness and so forth on the part of the government! It was clear he had not studied the data or evidence given to him, and had his mind made up to do a light", human interest piece and not a real expose or research project.

This was later confirmed when, as summer turned to fall, the long promised serious research and interviews they claimed they wanted to do with these top-secret government witnesses were never followed up. I spoke a few more times to Kronick, who promised a sit down interview and follow-up with these high-ranking and conclusive witnesses. They never did.

Instead, the final ABC News show was weaker in evidence than most tabloid cable channel pieces on the UFO subject – with the bulk of the "documentary" being interviews with UFO personalities, debunkers and the carnival atmosphere of UFO hotspots like Roswell.

They fraudulently appeared to be balanced" by having both skeptics and believers" – with the clear implication that the skeptics were real scientists" and the believers" were misguided flakes. Using the ruse of media objectivity, ABC News would asymmetrically show, say, a Harvard scientist skeptic juxtaposed against a civilian who thought he had been sexually assaulted by aliens!

The few, very brief interviews with pilots and military people were overwhelmed by the spurious, carnival-like pseudo-ethnography of the UFO subculture mixed in with long segments of scientists pooh-poohing the entire matter.

While appearing objective and balanced to the general viewer, the project was, rather, a disinformation piece, carefully crafted to give the mere appearance of objectivity.

Otherwise, why spend so much air time interviewing UFO personalities, media figures and the like – while completely leaving out ALL high-ranking military, government and scientific witnesses and evidence given directly by us to them?

In light of the range and scope of material that we personally gave them, it is incomprehensible why ALL of it would be omitted – unless it was their intent from the beginning to do a disinformation and cover-up piece.

Why else would Peter Jennings state that the US Government has been out of the UFO matter since 1969, when Project Blue Book was closed, even though he and his team were directly given by us official US government documents, senior government whistle-blower testimony and physical evidence – including radar tapes – to the contrary? Why would Jennings feature uninformed scientists rhetorically asking "where's the physical evidence" when abundant physical evidence is available and was offered to him?

Why indeed. We have received a CIA document from 1991 that clearly states that the CIA has contacts in the Big Media to change, kill or spin stories.
From this document, dated 20 December 1991, and released 1 April 1992, to
the Director of Central Intelligence from the Task Force on Greater CIA Openness, on page 6:

"PAO [the Public Affairs Office] now has relationships with reporters from every major wire service, newspaper, news weekly, and television network in the nation. This has helped us turn some intelligence failure stories into intelligence success stories"In many instances, we have persuaded reporters to postpone, change, hold or even scrap stories,"

And from a CIA document regarding the psychological warfare implications of UFOs, we find a reference to Disney Studios, now the parent company of ABC, being used as a source for doing cartoon-like portrayals of the subject for psychological warfare purposes. Can we be surprised ABC News has, again, defrauded the American people – only pretending to do news and real investigative reporting when in reality they are purveying disinformation to an accepting public?

Obenhaus, without any research or foundation in fact, went so far as to personally assert to me that the hybrid government – corporate complex is not keeping new energy, propulsion and related technologies hidden from the public! His prejudice on the matter was profound and unwavering: forget the facts, my mind is made up.

It is hard to reconcile ABC News" claims to doing a serious expose and investigative report when the senior producer of the project, without any investigation or research, espouses such closed-minded conclusions at the outset.

Those who know me know that I like to stay positive, present the affirmative facts and present the promise of an advanced, sustainable civilization on Earth benefiting from the knowledge of these new technologies. But it is time for the American people to wake up to the fact that the Big Media and their corporate masters are the central problem blocking the truth from coming out. As a former board member of Time Warner told me, the Big Media has become scribes taking dictation from the right hand of the king – and the fourth estate is essentially dead.


The American people must demand that ABC News correct its fraudulent assertions – and do a real investigative report on the serious evidence, government documents and courageous military whistle-blower testimony that The Disclosure Project and others have identified. The reader may obtain much of this evidence from

Write Peter Jennings and ABC News at: or or and demand an honest investigative report.

Additionally, please contact the FCC and register your complaint regarding the transparent fraud perpetrated by ABC News on the American public. Remember: ABC News, as a broadcast network, is given by the FCC access to the public airwaves. In exchange, we have the right to hold ABC News, as well as the other networks, to fairness, accuracy and honesty – and certainly to avoid blatant fraud and corruption. This was not the ABC entertainment division that perpetrated this fraudulent report on the American people, but its news division. That they would sanitize such an important two hour report of nearly all credible evidence and government insider witnesses requires that we demand a hearing on the matter by the FCC immediately. Who induced Obenhaus and Peter Jennings to cover up this important evidence? Why? ABC News cannot claim ignorance on the matter as they were directly given extensive testimony and evidence, none of which appeared in the program.

Contact the FCC and demand an immediate investigation into this matter and demand that the FCC require ABC to retract its false statements and present the evidence which they possess but are hiding from the American public.

And lastly, support Disclosure in any way you can. Help us get the truth out. Tell people about where they can find the truth about this important matter. And help us identify backers who will help us start a new – and honest – news outlet that will truthfully report on these and related projects that are illegally kept secret from the public. Is it not time for us to form a news network – The Disclosure Network –that will produce and air real investigative reports on a wide range of government and corporate corruption? Matters now left completely hidden by the complicity of Big Media need to be known by the people if we are to renew and protect democracy and disclose the technologies now hidden and suppressed that could replace oil and nuclear power and give us a sustainable, peaceful world.

We can no longer trust ABC news or the rest of the Big Media to do this. We, the people, must take on the task of getting the truth out – and salvaging what is left of our democracy and planet. Big Media, who have become shills for their corporate masters, are incapable or unwilling to tell the truth. It is time we did it for them.

Steven M. Greer MD
Director and Founder
The Disclosure Project
Albemarle County Virginia
March 2005

An enormous number of UFO sightings before Tsunami and earthquake in South and Southeast Asia - were they trying to warn?
Staff reporter
December 31, 2004

Was it a coincidence? Lots of people now from the Tsunami and earthquake hit areas are reporting about strange Unidentified Flying Objects they saw a few days before the mega quake and Tsunami. People in Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Andaman and Nicobar Island as well as many in Indonesia were reporting for some time about strange flying objects in the sky.

The local media in these areas did not know what to do with the reported sightings. But it seems now from the reports that many UFOs were in the sky and were trying to communicate something.

Some even are conjecturing that this horrific Tsunami and earthquake may be some kind of experiment. In Port Blair, the capital city of Andaman Island of India, last week some tourists saw strange silent flying objects. In Sumatra, remote places also had similar experiences for quite some time.

According to some UFO experts, UFOs always hover around the epicenter of major calamities. They somehow sense these coming natural disasters. Some believe that they try and communicate with us to warn. Some even believe these UFOs simulate natural disasters in the earth.

India especially in the Himalayas, China, Indonesia were experiencing heavy UFO sightings in recent days. Remote areas of Bangladesh, Mayanmar, and Andaman Island, Sri Lanka have also recently reported such sightings.

Indian Government and the military are quiet for a long time about these numerous UFO sightings. Some believe that India in recent days have been contacted like America was in the middle of the last century.

The recent excessive UFO sightings all over the world are forecasting serious disasters in the world. Many people believe, we are in for a rough time as far as earthquakes; volcano and similar natural calamities are concerned.

The lining up of Sun, Earth, Moon, Venus and Jupiter is dangerous. And this has caused some to belief that earthquakes can havoc the earth. As a matter of fact India has seen many earthquakes in last few months.

Earthquakes in India are not common like Japan.

It is possible that UFOs are trying to communicate to us to warn about the planetary positioning effects on the Earth's tectonic plates and crust.

In older days, Mayans and Egyptians were always scared about planets lining up in one line. How did they know that earthquakes are eminent? It may be they did communicate with the extra-terrestrials and understood about planetary angular momentum theory that we just started learning this week!

Meteorite on Mars - What's Wrong with this Picture?

This photograph shows a meterorite found on Mars by the Exploration Rover Opportunity, right beside Opportunity's abandoned heat shield.

What's wrong with this picture?

Where's the crater that should be under the meterorite if it fell from the sky? And, after such an impact, why is is sitting neatly on top of the ground, not buried deep down in the ground? On Earth, geologists go to meteor impact sites and then have to drill bore holes into the
ground to locate meteor fragments.

Of course, there are countless rocks strewn about the surface of Mars, just as there are in many desert regions of Earth. But meteorites do not lay themselves gently on the ground, just where a tourist's camera is bound to see them.

On Mars, this newly-named "Heat Shield Rock" has provoked intense interest among scientists. It is a rare type of meteor, being composed mostly of the dense metals iron and nickel.

"This is a huge surprise," said Dr. Steve Squyres of Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, the principal investigator for the science instruments on Opportunity. "Think about where an iron meteorite comes from: a destroyed planet that was big enough to differentiate into a metallic core and a rocky mantle."

Very good, Steve! Now keep on thinking.

Think, for example, what the chances are that such an interesting testament to an exploded planet would appear right next to your own abandoned heat shield - at a location where your attention would be guaranteed. Think, also, how it could have fallen from the sky and yet show no sign of impact.

To continue along that line of thought, who could have placed it there?

Think, even further, as to who might want you to know that intelligent life exists on Mars. And, who might be subtle enough to drop you a calling card rather than just stare face-first into your camera lens! After all, scientists like to be known for "knowing everything," to upset them with actual, direct evidence just wouldn't be polite!

So, here we are, with "Heat Shield Rock" providing the people on Earth with plenty of food for thought in a delicate way.

Does science make room for aliens?
Researchers argue that new theories better the odds

By Leonard David
Senior space writer
Jan. 14, 2005

Decades ago, it was physicist Enrico Fermi who pondered the issue of extraterrestrial civilizations with fellow theorists over lunch, generating the famous quip: "Where are they?" That question later became central to debates about the cosmological census count of other star folk and possible extraterrestrial visitors from afar.

Fermi's brooding on the topic was later labeled "Fermi's paradox." It is a well-traveled tale from the 1950s when the scientist broached the subject in discussions with colleagues in Los Alamos, N.M. Thoughts regarding the probability of earthlike planets, the rise of highly advanced civilizations "out there," and interstellar travel - these remain fodder for trying to respond to Fermi's paradox even today.

Now scientists note that recent astrophysical discoveries suggest we should find ourselves in the midst of one or more extraterrestrial civilizations. Moreover, they argue it is a mistake to reject all UFO reports because some evidence for the theoretically predicted extraterrestrial visitors might just be found there.

The researchers make their proposal in the January/February 2005 issue of the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society.

Curious situation
Pick up any good science magazine and you're sure to see the latest in head-scratching ideas about superstring theory, wormholes or the stretching of space-time itself. Meanwhile, extrasolar planetary detection is on the verge of becoming mundane.

"We are in the curious situation today that our best modern physics and astrophysics theories predict that we should be experiencing extraterrestrial visitation, yet any possible evidence of such lurking in the UFO phenomenon is scoffed at within our scientific community," contends astrophysicist Bernard Haisch.

Haisch, along with physicists James Deardorff, Bruce Maccabee and Harold Puthoff, make their case in the journal article: "Inflation-Theory Implications for Extraterrestrial Visitation" (PDF document).

The scientists point to two key discoveries made by Australian astronomers and reported last year that there is a "galactic habitable zone" in our Milky Way Galaxy. And more importantly that Earth's own star, the sun, is relatively young in comparison to the average star in this zone - by as much as a billion years.

Therefore, the researchers explain in their article that an average alien civilization would be far more advanced and have long since discovered Earth. Additionally, other research work on the supposition underlying the Big Bang - known as the theory of inflation - shores up the prospect, they advise, that our world is immersed in a much larger extraterrestrial civilization.

Point-to-point distances
Given billion-year advanced physics, might not buzzing around the galaxy be possible?

Even today, superstring theory hypothesizes other dimensions, which could be habitable universes adjacent to our own, the researchers speculate. It might even be possible to get around the speed-of-light limit by moving in and out of these dimensions.

"What we have done is somewhat of a breakthrough," Haisch told "We have pulled together various recent discoveries and theoretical issues that collectively point to the strong probability that we should be in the midst of one or more huge extraterrestrial civilizations."

Haisch said that superstring dimensions and wormhole and space-time stretching possibilities address the "can't get here from there" objection often argued in view of the interstellar point-to-point distances involved. Also, diffusion models predict that even a single civilization could spread across the galaxy in a tiny fraction of the age of the galaxy - even at sub-light speeds, he said.

E.T. signature in the data
Can the scientific community bring itself to consider any evidence coming from mysterious sightings of strange things by the public?

In large measure, the scientific community seemingly has eyed E.T. visitation as far from being serious stuff to cogitate over. Why so?

"The dismissal has several causes, all reinforcing each other," Haisch responded. "Most of
the observations are probably misinterpretations, delusions and hoaxes. I have seen people get confused by Venus or even Sirius when it is flashing colors low in the sky under the right conditions. Having been turned off by this, most scientists never bother to look any further, and so are simply blissfully ignorant that there may be more to it," he said.

Deardorff, the lead author of the journal article, points out in a press statement: "It would take some humility for the scientific community to suspend its judgment and take at least some of the high-quality reports seriously enough to investigate &Mac183;but I hope we can bring ourselves to do that."

According to Haisch, there is a motivation not just for scientific tolerance of the UFO issue, but a strong scientific prediction that there ought to be some genuine E.T. signature in the data.

"This potentially changes the relationship of the UFO phenomenon to science in a significant way. It takes away the Œnot invented here'prejudice, pointing out that a Œyes'to E.T. visitation is exactly what side our current physics and astrophysics theories would come down on as the most likely situation," Haisch concluded.

Latest Breakthrough - Proof of Water on Mars
Science journal, December 17, 2004

Scientific proof that water once flowed on Mars has been voted the breakthrough of the year according to journal Science.

The discovery topped a list of 10 studies that stood out from the many thousands published by scientific journals in 2004 and raises the prospect that scientists will find evidence of primitive life on Mars, dramatically increasing the chances of there being intelligent beings in a distant solar system.

Two robotic rovers launched by the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa) showed beyond doubt this year that the surface of Mars was once flooded with running water. Science said: "The Opportunity rover found the salty, rippled sediments of a huge shallow sea; the Spirit rover discovered rock once so drenched that it had rotted. Their finds mark a milestone in humankind's search for life elsewhere in the universe."

Water in its liquid state is almost certainly essential for the evolution of extra-terrestrial life. If it can be shown that life originated and evolved independently on another planet in the same solar system then it would suggest that life elsewhere in the universe was more common than was thought.

Opportunity bounced down on the vast Martian plain of Meridiani Planum on 25 January, 22 days after its identical twin rover, Spirit, landed on the other side of the planet. Both rovers operated perfectly in the first true geological field survey of Mars from its own surface. Each rover was armed with sophisticated cameras, a magnifying glass, a grinding wheel for exposing fresh rock, an analyser for chemical elements and a suite of other instruments for investigating minerals.

"The two rovers confirmed what many scientists have long suspected: billions of years ago, enough water pooled on the surface of Earth's neighbour long enough to allow the possibility of life," Science said.

Ever since Nasa's Viking probes landed on Mars in the 1970s and took the first close-up images of its surface, there have been tantalising hints that the planet was once covered in rivers and seas. But scientists could not be sure whether the channels, valleys and gullies they had seen through telescopes and orbiting probes were really caused by water erosion.

Data sent back by Opportunity and Spirit over the past year has put the matter beyond dispute, Science said. Mars was once a warm and very wet planet, in marked contrast to the arid, cold, sun-bleached place it has now become. "Thanks to the hardy little robots, we know that Mars of several billion years ago was warm enough and wet enough to have a shallow, salty sea. This sea probably came and went, turning into wind-blown salt flats from time to time, but the puddles spanned an area the size of Oklahoma."

Opportunity discovered exposed bedrock at a crater named Eagle which suggests a regular wet-dry cycle, when pools of water flooded the area and then receded and evaporated to leave behind layers of salt some 300m (984ft) deep. The rover also took photographs of marble-sized crystals of iron-containing haematite, which Nasa scientists have nicknamed "blueberries".

Steve Squyres, professor of astronomy at Cornell University and a leading member of the team that analysed the Opportunity data, said the findings indicate how Mars and Earth had gone their separate ways. "We cannot determine whether life was present or even possible in the waters at Meridiani, but it is clear that by the time the sedimentary rocks in Eagle crater were deposited, Mars and Earth had already gone down different environmental paths," he said.

"What we were seeking was rocks that were actually formed in liquid water so that we could read the record in those rocks, not just to say liquid water was on Mars but to learn something about what the environmental conditions were like," he said.

"Would they have been suitable for life and, importantly, do the minerals that were formed have the capability to preserve for long periods of time evidence of former life?

"That's probably the single most important thing we have found: evidence for minerals at Meridiani that are the kinds of things that are very good at preserving evidence of ancient life for very long periods of time," he said.

On the other side of Mars, the Spirit rover found evidence of shallow groundwater that may have transformed hundreds of metres of volcanic ash into soft, iron-rich rock.

Taken with the latest evidence from orbiting probes, such as the European Space Agency's Mars Express, there is now no dispute that Mars once was home to a huge body of liquid water.

UFO Sightings over Iranian nuclear installations
Iranian Air Force orders shoot at sight but admits technical inability
Kiran Chaube, Special Correspondent
December 26, 2004

Iranians complained about Unidentified Flying Objects at very low altitudes around its nuclear installations all around the country. United States has excellent satellite imagery and hence do not need low altitude spy planes to monitor the activities as the Iranian nuclear scientists and engineers as they assemble their nukes.

Sources in Iran say, the Iranian Air Force have admitted these sighting and assuming these are US spy crafts, directed Iranian Air Force to shoot them down at sight.

Sources also reveal that Iranian Air Force have failed shoot down even a single UFO and many in Iranian Air Force are complaining about lack of technical ability in shooting these UFOs down.

Based on current arsenals in Iranian Air Force there is no reason for its inability of shooting down the low flying spy planes.

Iran's air force has been ordered to shoot down any unknown or suspicious flying objects in Iran's airspace, an air force spokesman said today, amid state-media reports of sightings of flying objects near Iran's nuclear installations. "All anti-aircraft units and jet fighters have been ordered to shoot down the flying objects over Iran's airspace,'' spokesman of the Regular Army Air Force Colonel Salman Mahini said.

Flying object fever has gripped Iran after dozens of reported sightings in the summer and in recent weeks. State-run media has reported sightings of unknown objects flying over parts of Iran where nuclear facilities are located. "The unidentified flying objects could be satellites, comets or spying or reconnaissance crafts trying to monitor Iran's nuclear installations," Mahini said. "Flights of unknown objects in the country's airspace have increased in recent weeks ... (they) have been seen over Bushehr and Isfahan provinces," the daily Resalat reported today. There are nuclear facilities in both provinces. The timing of the reported increase in sightings, which comes as the United States is urging allies to confront Iran over its nuclear program, has strengthened Iranian public perceptions that the objects are surveillance or hostile aircrafts monitoring Iran. Iran's Air Force chief Gen. Karim Ghavami was quoted in Iranian newspapers Saturday as saying that Iran was fully prepared to defend any threat to its nuclear installations.

But Iranians may be chasing the higher technology extra terrestrial UFOs that they can never shoot down, says some from inside the Iranian Air Force.

It is also a big rumor in Teheran that these UFO sightings started only after Iran secretly started assembling the Nukes in specific facilities.

The UFOs are being seen by military and civilian population but they are only around the nuclear installations that can be used to assemble nuclear bombs.


The following information is taken from a recent article by Marc Tonnies, and is very fascinating.

Apparently JPL refused to examine certain unidentified objects in the immediate vicinity of the Opportunity rover that seem to have changed location on the Martian surface. The objects in question are real anomalies, addressed by Mars project scientists but deemed unworthy of investigation. One is a pronged object. Another is a brightly colored something that online commentators initially took for "litter" from the rover's bumpy landing.

Since their initial discovery, both objects have disappeared from view, gone without a trace.

Two possibilities immediately come to mind: Either the objects are lightweight space junk carried away by Mars' tenuous winds (picture a candy bar wrapper or Styrofoam cup held aloft in a strong breeze) or else they are a genuine unknown. In the latter case, then it would be foolish to prematurely rule out the possibility of lifeforms.

JPL has admitted it doesn't know what these objects are. Project scientists surmise they're spacecraft debris, but they don't pretend to know how they got there or which pieces of the Opportunity ensemble they might represent.

This last point is crucial. The MER rovers are not hastily designed devices. Every rivet, seam and bolt is accounted for. All components are required to work in flawless harmony for the robots to safely reach their destinations and function according to plan.

If we're merely looking at pieces of lander debris, as suggested by the JPL team, then why aren't the engineers at the very least intensely curious to see what has apparently fallen off their super-redundant hardware?

If the "pronged" object is simply a scrap of airbag fabric ensnared on a rock outcropping, then what's responsible for dislodging it? (Remember that the airbag material, for all its thinness, is stronger than steel.) And why don't we see similar "litter" at the Spirit landing site on the other side of the planet?

I previously wrote that JPL was developing an anything-but-scientific immunity to the unexpected. Apparently rocks are fair game -- but only if they resemble terrestrial rocks. Rocks with "varnished" surfaces or geometric cavities must be avoided -- perhaps because they look just a bit too organic, like chunks of bone or petrified wood where such things have no business being.

Oddly colored snail-shapes are studiously avoided because, in the words of one JPL scientist, taking a close look would "waste precious machine time." He failed to note that the anomaly in question was directly in front of the Opportunity rover, starkly unavoidable. In the scheme of the rover's mission, taking a closer look would have been virtually effortless. Instead, Opportunity was (presumably) steered directly over the strange formation; JPL has taken to literally running over what it can't explain, like a monster truck imperviously crushing a line-up of decrepit cars.

We've managed the staggering feat of transplanting our senses to another world . . . and we've decided to all-but cover our eyes for fear of seeing something strange, or at the very least instructive.

We are machines on automatic pilot, forsaking the possibility of authentic discovery in favor of so much gravel.

Unprecedented Mexican UFO Revelation

A video of 11 unidentified objects in the skies over southern Campeche state, filmed by Mexican Air Force pilots on March 5, 2004, was first aired on national television on Monday, May 10 and again at a news conference on Tuesday.

A videotape made widely available to the news media on Tuesday shows the bright objects, some sharp points of light and others like large headlights, moving rapidly in what appears to be a late-evening sky. The plane's captain, Maj. Magdaleno Castanon, said the military jets chased the lights "and I believe they could feel we were pursuing them."

Later that week, the official response via the media was that this was a scientific phenomenon of gases.

It has now come to light that this response is -- as is typical with UFO sightings -- erroneous.

This is because the Mexican air force never even saw the UFOs with their own physical eyes. They monitored the UFOs with infrared cameras and on radar. So, there were physical objects but the pilots couldn't see them, even though it was daytime. They felt the objects were intelligently controlled.

So it appears this is a very unique sighting. Made even more so by the fact that the videotapes were made available by the Mexican Secretary of Defense to a major Mexican UFO researcher. Apparently made available because their Secretary of Defense believes in "transparency" - unlike other world governments.

UFO expert Richard Lawrence, who has campaigned for over twenty-five years for governments to come clean about UFOs, has released the following statement:
"The Mexican government's honesty and openness about UFOs is to be welcomed by all ufologists. There has been video and radar evidence of UFO activity for decades, but this is the first time that it has been openly confirmed by government and military officials. Let's hope that other governments will follow Mexico's fine example - including our own."

Lawrence, a regular media guest on the world's media, including a recent interview on Coast-to-Coast, has been campaigning for the release of UFO information by world governments for over 25 years. He has dealt many times with the Ministry of Defence's UFO Department in England, and the FAA in the U.S.

The following are some highlights of Richard Lawrence's UFO career:

  • Selected as Lord Kimberley's speech writer during the historic House of Lords UFO debate in London, England
  • The first to bring declassified CIA and Pentagon UFO Files to Britain
  • Launched a successful campaign in USA for release of UFO data from the FAA
  • First to reveal Soviet Union UFO papers in Britain
  • Co-authored Contacts with the Gods from Space with Dr. George King, Founder/President of The Aetherius Society.
  • Currently in England - The UFO Contacts Seminar.

For information and bio, please visit

For interviews with Dr. Richard Lawrence, Britain's leading paranormal expert, please call Chrissie Blaze at (323) 465 9652.

For further information, please visit

Life on Mars
Arthur C. Clarke says, "Mars has a case of the munchies. That is, the red planet is spotted with vegetation with some sort of life feasting on the foliage." The noted sci-fi writer and space visionary, made the claim during the 2nd annual international conference on the space elevator, held in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Sir Arthur beamed into the gathering by satellite link on September 13, 2003. When asked what destination he'd like to travel to via the space elevator, Clarke said he was "ready and willing" to journey to the red planet. "Mars is the obvious place," Clarke said. "I'm now quite convinced that Mars is infested with life. Mars orbiter photographs show huge areas of vegetation. I don't think there's any doubt anymore on that. And where there's vegetation, there will be something nibbling on it," he said. Just as the audience was chewing on Clarke's Mars life view, he added yet another bit of speculative advice -- this time on cold fusion. "It's not cold. It's not fusion. It may be tepid fission or something," Clarke said. "Don't laugh...but there's something going on there. Thanks to Leonard David and Bruce Cornet

Planetary System Similar to Ours Is Found
Associated Press Writer

PARIS -- Astronomers say they have found a Jupiter-like body circling a distant star in a planetary system like ours, an intriguing discovery that raises the prospect of someday finding a planet resembling Earth.

Hugh Jones of Liverpool John Moores University said his team had discovered the system, illuminated by a star dubbed HD 70642, some 94 light years from Earth. Jones was presenting the finding at a conference at the Paris Astrophysics Institute here Thursday.

The star is similar to the Sun in structure and brightness and appears to be about the same age, Jones said. The planet is traveling around the star in an orbital path similar in shape and distance to the one that Jupiter follows around our Sun.

Those similarities have led the planet-hunters in Jones' team of British, Australian and American scientists to conclude they have tumbled upon something exciting -- the possibility of finding another Earth in the Milky Way galaxy.

"We are honing in on the search for planets like the Earth," said Alan Penny of Rutherford Appleton Laboratory west of London.

Nearly 110 extrasolar planets -- planets orbiting stars other than the Sun -- have been found within the past decade, but none really resembled our solar system until now, Penny said.

"This is the first one that is really like our own solar system of the 110 that we've found," Penny said in a telephone interview. "We think it's a substantial step on the way to finding another Earth."

No large planets have been found between the Jupiter-like planet and the star, leading scientists to conclude that an Earth-sized planet could be nestled in between. If a large planet were present, its gravitational pull would throw anything the size of Earth out of the system, Penny said.

The discovery was found by measuring the star's wobble caused by the gravity of the planet. The technique measures the very slight wobble of a central star and then uses the magnitude of this motion to determine the presence of orbiting planets, the size and shape of their orbits and their mass. The technique works only for larger planets and cannot detect those much smaller.

The technique was developed by Paul Butler of the Carnegie Institution of Washington and Geoffrey Marcy of the University of California at Berkeley. Butler and Marcy are in the midst of a long-term project to search each sun-like star in the Milky Way up to a distance of 150 light years.

A light year is the distance light travels in a year in a vacuum, about 5.8 trillion miles. The Milky Way is the home galaxy of our solar system and contains about 200 billion stars.

The findings will be published in an upcoming issue of Astrophysical Journal Letters under lead author Brad Carter of the University of Southern Queensland, Australia.

Before extrasolar planets were discovered, researchers assumed other solar systems would be similar to ours. However, only a handful of the planets discovered so far follows the nearly circular orbit of our solar system. Most extrasolar planets had elliptical orbits, and many orbit too close to their host star for the planetary system to be similar to our own.

Humberto Campins, a professor of astronomy and physics at University of Central Florida in Orlando, said the finding, if true, indicates that techniques for detecting planetary systems similar to our own are improving.

"We've been trying to find a planetary system like our solar system for a long time. If these people have found a Jupiter, then I'm delighted. Ideally, in the future we want to find planets like Earth capable of supporting life."
Copyright © 2003, The Associated Press

Odyssey Thermal Data Reveals a Changing Mars

The first overview analysis of a year's worth of high-resolution infrared data gathered by the Thermal Emission Imaging System (THEMIS) on NASA's Mars Odyssey spacecraft is opening Mars to a new kind of detailed geological analysis and revealing a dynamic planet that has experienced dramatic environmental change.

"THEMIS is creating a set of data that is going to revolutionize our mapping of the planet and our idea of the planet's geology," said lead author and THEMIS Principal Investigator Philip Christensen, Korrick Professor of Geological Sciences at Arizona State University.

"It will keep Mars scientists busy for the next 20 years trying to understand the processes that have produced this landscape."

"It's very difficult to say exactly what happened in any particular place, but what we've found is that in many places on Mars it hasn't just been the same old thing happening for year after year for billions of years. If those rocks had been made a billion years ago, they'd be covered with dust," Christensen pointed out. "This shows a dynamic Mars - it's an active place."

Overall, Christensen notes that the emerging diversity and complexity of the planet point to the likelihood of future surprises and keep enlarging the possibilities for discovery on Mars.

"With Odyssey, we are looking at Mars in its entirety, in context. It's remarkable how much this has already changed our view of the complexity and richness of the planet. We discovered that it has a really dynamic geologic history.

"It has far more ice and water than we thought -- we're seeing snow and gullies, layers - and there are also processes involving volcanoes, impact craters and wind. It's a fascinating place."

Mars Photos Hint at Artificiality and Intelligence

Mac Tonnies reports preliminary analysis of Malin Space Science Systems has once again provided us with a more detailed collection of Mars Cydonia imagery. Though marred with several telltale black strips indicating loss of spacecraft data, the new images are fascinating. The Fort boasts a ruler-straight defile elevated on top of a sort of flat, tapered mesa. This straight feature is either an unprecedented fluke of geology or else the handiwork of intelligence. The mystifying lack of impact ejecta should have reduced this feature to rubble. Instead, we see a precise feature apparently undamaged by the adjacent meteor collision. Simply, there is no known geomorphological mechanism that could have produced this remarkable feature. The Cliff presents us with a uniquely demanding scientific puzzle because it is architectural-looking and constitutes compelling evidence in favor of the Artificiality Hypothesis.
To view images, please click here.

While only the extreme western portion of the Mar's Face has been captured in the new image, the features thought to represent an eye and pupil are clearly visible (though degraded, as expected). Mysterious fine lines along the "headdress" are also visible, as are the "lips" and "teardrop" identified on previous images. The facial resemblance remains striking and consistent with claims of artificiality. An image of the Face's eastern half, never photographed under ideal conditions, is necessary to accurately assess the Face's bisymmetry. Meanwhile, the available photographs imply artificiality: the Face looks like a massive, windblown sculpture of a humanoid head, complete with enigmatic ornamentation. Whether this uncanny resemblance is the result of spurious geometry or conscious design remains unconfirmed. The Face's proximity to other anomalies, such as the aforementioned Cliff, increase its chances of representing what has long been suspected: hard evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence. Other anomalous features photographed include "Mound P" and its attendant hexagonal formation and the "Egyptian" pyramid located on the SW City landmass.

Thanks to The Cydonian Imperative and Mac Tonnies
Filer's Files #6. February 5, 2001. URL: [3 April 2001]


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