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Personal Consultations for Your Baby Or Child

Chrissie Blaze is known as The Baby's Astrologer. As well as being the author of the book, she is available for personal consultations for you or your baby or child. Many parents, grandparents and guardians have found her intuitive consultations help them to support their baby's growth and learning in a way that will lead their precious child towards the unfolding of his or her unique potential and destiny.

Chrissie focuses on issues you are concerned about for your children: their needs, socialization, learning abilities, talents, skills, health, relationship to parents, potential challenges,the school environment, etc. Click here to for endorsements and more about Chrissie's personal consultations.

Baby Star Signs answers questions such as:
  • Who is my baby and what personality traits does he have?
  • How can I truly understand her needs and insecurities?
  • How does he feel about me?
  • What does she need to feel safe and secure?
  • How does he express himself and his feelings?
  • How does she react to the environment around her and to the world at large?
  • How can I help this tiny soul become resilient and courageous in the face of life's uncertainties and tests?
  • How can I nurture her spiritual self to bring her happiness and fulfillment later in life?
  • How can I bring out the best in him?
  • How can I grow as a parent?

In my book Baby Star Signs there is a unique astrological guideline to your baby's development from age 0 through 3.

If you know a baby who has either the Sun in Aries, the Moon in Aries or Aries Rising, you should read the following. For potted versions of all the Baby Sun Signs, please click here.

Birth to One-Year

Eating - Your Aries baby has a healthy appetite and won't like to be kept waiting for his food - or anything else for that matter. Don't worry, He'll let you know loudly when he's hungry. This is the baby who will usually end up with food smeared all over his face. His impatience, combined with his bobbing head, makes it difficult to accurately reach his mouth!

Sleeping - It may be difficult to get this bouncing, rattle-banging baby to sleep but he will delight you with his tremendous enthusiasm for life and all experiences. He is like a rubber ball, bouncing back from his constant scrapes and falls with courage and zest. It is important to exercise this high-energy baby so that he can sleep better. These babies will not enjoy being constricted in playpens.

Motor Skills - He is a restless soul; always moving, kicking and vigorous even before he is born. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and this little bundle loves to be first at everything. He may surprise you by pulling himself up and grabbing onto things in an early attempt to walk before other babies his age. Don't be surprised if he is walking by nine months. He will relish in his new-found independence and once he is moving around, you will begin to see your baby's individualism emerge.

Language - This baby will say his first words before all the other kids on the block. He loves to tease and you will quickly see this mischievous quality developing in your fun-loving baby. It is not unusual for these babies to play teasing games with Mommy and Daddy as early as nine months old.
Learning - His fine intelligence shines through his clear, focused gaze. His speed of learning is impressive but don't be surprised when his face turns red in anger, and he pounds his little fists. His desire to succeed outweighs his ability to do so and he is easily frustrated with himself.

Socialization - This infant is not shy, unless he has a more sensitive Moon or Rising sign. He is bold and brave with people and has no trouble expressing his many needs! He delights in life and in people. He loves to be the center of attention and makes his presence felt from the moment he is born.


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