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Dear Friends:

The aim of my website is to inform and inspire, to help you to live life deeper with practical tools for a more conscious life. These include astrological tools, and also metaphysical tools, such as my latest book, Soul Fitness: A 5-Step Plan for Inner and Outer Peace.

This is a 5-Step progressive and powerful program that anyone can use in just 15 minutes a day to instantly de-stress and re-energize themselves, as well as align more fully with the power, strength, love and inspiration within, referred to by mystics as the Higher Self or Divine Spark. Soul Fitness also includes dynamic methods of directed intention/prayer and healing practices designed to bring essential harmony into the world.

I believe that, "Where harmony exists, chaos cannot. One of our most-important tasks, therefore, as caring humans is to learn how to radiate harmony or love to help transform our world. This is something we haven�t really tried, and Soul Fitness provides a way for everyone to begin."

I was thrilled that Soul Fitness captured the attention of international rock star/metaphysician, Dave Davies, Founding Member of The Kinks who offered to write the Foreword. In this he says:

"As a musician who has been on many tours and performed in front of many thousands of people worldwide, I have developed my own personal spiritual practices, drawn from many sources. However, I believe that the spiritual practices and wisdom contained in this book, Soul Fitness, will make a profound difference to the sincere aspirant.

The purpose of human life is the cultivation of spiritual knowledge, and you can do no better than to start right here. In Soul Fitness, Chrissie presents a concise, practical, insightful and in-depth approach to metaphysics. I know that you will be inspired and enlightened by Chrissie�s wonderful and illuminating work."

Soul Fitness is my 12th book and is available from amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com and some local bookstores. Please visit http://www.amazon.com/author/Chrissieblaze for Soul Fitness, and my other books.

As well as offering Personal Horoscope Consultations, which include Karmic Charts, Forecasts and Compatibility Charts, I also offer Readings by E-mail which focus on and analyze one specific question according to your horoscope and personal destiny. As well as these personal one-on-one astrology consultations, my website also includes an array of the best Computerized Astrology Charts you could find anywhere.

P.S. Please check out my husband, Gary Blaze's new website Qi Healing System for Qigong, Qi Healing, Distant Healing, Intuitive Spiritual Counselling, and more.

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